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Custom Photo Toppers

cookie_02Great for cakes and cookies – round, sheet and square. Choose text, size and shape, add a rank or a program emblem.

Make a custom photo topper!

Merit Badge® Toppers

merit_cupcake_01Merit Badges® are perfect for cookies and cupcakes. Round shapes only. Available in 2″ and 1.5″ sizes, up to 35 in a pack.

Choose A Merit Badge Topper

Logo And Rank Toppers

logo_cupcakeYou can choose text, size and shape, and add one program or rank insignia. Simple to make and use.

Make A Custom Logo Topper

Cake Sticker Sheets

All Boy Scout™, Cub Scout™, and Eagle Scout® emblems available. Small, medium and large images.

Select A Sticker Sheet
Authenticity Matters to Them

Make sure you get the real thing

Support the Boy Scouts of America® by purchasing only genuine BSA® products from licensed retailers.

How To Use Your Topper

Do you need help learning how to use cake and cookie toppers?  We have video and easy-to-follow instructions just for you.

Shipping Policies

Need it overnight? No problem.  Planning ahead?  Save some cash with our flexible shipping options.  Want to order way ahead of time?  Schedule production and shipment up to six months in advance.

Need even more help?

Our custom design services are available for your special needs and requests. We can handle big orders, customized graphics and tight schedules. We work with you and The Boy Scouts of America® to make sure your cake is perfect every time.